From the Chamber President, Dr. Erick Rutto

In a world that is constantly changing, it is our vision that by working together we can build a Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) that is able to adapt, prioritize and effectively meet the wants and needs of its membership, partners and Kenya’s economy. In this regard we have taken cognizance of six specific areas that can enable the chamber to achieve its mandate and shape the economic landscape in Kenya, regionally and globally.

The 6 key areas are;

  • Advocacy

We shall put the Chamber at the center of influencing pro-business public policy and development priorities at the National and County levels that create an enabling environment for business; promote investment; protect businesses from exploitation, dumping, unfair trade practices; and, advance the country’s Buy Kenya Build Kenya focus

  • Networking and Collaboration

We shall build on the Chamber’s gathering capacity to strengthen local and global partnerships that build on their synergies and comparative advantages across different sectors and industries in the country.

  • Institutional Strengthening

We shall seek to build the governance and leadership capacity of the Chamber and the Membership to adapt and stay competitive in changing business environment by equipping them with requisite skills and facilitating access to the latest information and tools that transform their businesses.

  • Economic Diplomacy

We shall seek to work closely with governments and other stakeholders in nurturing and strengthening diplomatic relationships that drive Trade within the economic blocks.

  • Market linkages

We shall seek to create market linkages to drive trade & export growth for our members to tap into the local, regional and global markets.

  • Inclusivity

We shall seek to empower and position Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities in the Chamber that will see them access strategic partnerships and funding opportunities both locally and globally.

Key to this is supercharging economic diplomacy as an engine that the chamber will use in elevating Kenya’s position in the international stage and brand it as the preferred investment destination with attractive trade relations with other countries. Strategic partnerships will also enable the chamber to ride on the strengths of its partners and friends and maximize its impact especially to its members. Noteworthy this cannot be achieved unless through inclusion of all members not withstanding their gender, age and individual ability.

The right governance structure is also a critical component for administration and instituting reforms to encourage transparency, accountability and integrity for sustainable economic growth. I also envisage a country and continent that trades with itself foremost before exploring other markets and thus trade promotion services including fairs, exhibitions and inter-county and intra-county forums will form an important channel of engaging our members and attracting investments.

In conclusion, We are committed to helping the chamber realize the dreams of its founders as the fall back platform for businesses when they need a favorable commercial, trade and investment environment that supports enterprise expansion. We acknowledge that the current economic situation
is murky and that we will face even more challenges along the way, we are however confident that by following our plan and strengthening the six key pillars ,we will survive and lift the wheels of the economy.