The services that the Chamber offers include:

The KNCCI leads business delegations to trade missions within Kenya and throughout the world. The trade missions abroad are on targeted sectors of interest to the other Kenya trading partners. The Chamber works in collaborations with trading partners and Chambers of Commerce to organize for joint ventures and business matching sessions through Business to Business (B2B) meetings.

KNCCI lobbies for regional integration initiatives to stimulate growth and development of Kenyan businesses under regional trading frameworks that promote trade and investment in the region;

  • East African Community (EAC)
  • Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
  • Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)
  • African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)

The Chamber promotes increased exports from Kenya to the region and the rest of the world by both Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and large enterprises to improve trade that promotes wealth and employment creation.

KNCCI also advocates for foreign direct investments into Kenya and availing of joint ventures opportunities to Kenyan businesses. This is undertaken by lobbying the Government both at National and County level to provide incentives to investors towards technological transfers, standards and quality enhancement, efficient and effective sustainable utilization of resources for the benefit of the Kenyan people. KNCCI lobbies for enhancement of local content in manufacturing through higher local value addition.

The Chamber has prioritized programs towards youth, women and persons with disabilities in key areas of business development, access to finance, access to markets and capacity building to utilize the Government’s 30% procurement opportunities to promote inclusive economic development. The Chamber is a lead private sector partner in the establishment of the County Business Development Centers to provide information and capacity building to the youth, women and persons with disabilities to participate in trade and investments.

KNCCI undertakes budget analysis annually and informs the business community on its implication to business development. Through budget analysis, the Chamber offers information concerning taxation in Kenya as well as incentives to promote trade and investment. The Chamber also lobbies for incentives to promote business development both at National and County levels through proposals on business environment to national sector hearings and county budget and economic forums.

KNCCI accepts membership from registered businesses in Kenya. KNCCI seeks to ensure formalization of majority of businesses in Kenya to ensure growth and development of enterprises to operate nationally and globally. The informal sector in Kenya is dominated by the SMEs and holds a large population of Kenyans and their formalization would enhance economic development in Kenya through trade and investments. The Chamber also assists Kenyans to register, incubate, mentor and expand businesses.

KNCCI also submits proposals to Government in the course of preparation of business legislation and policies both at National and County levels. Examples include the National Exports Strategy, County Finance Bills, County Sectoral Plans and Bills, and trade negotiations participation supporting Government delegations, among others. These interventions are meant to contribute to the improvement of business environment with a view to spur trade and investment in Kenya.

The Chamber supports and nurtures entrepreneurial culture in various ways such as tailor-made support on MSMEs strategy development, business registration, exports development, business regulations and business plans preparation, entrepreneurship and industrial incentives. Jointly with partners in and outside Kenya, the Chamber offers scholarship opportunities to Kenyan business community on technical courses such as information technology, telecommunications, MSMEs and rural development, project management, environment and renewable energy courses. KNCCI also offer consultancy services to both public and private entities on trade and industrial development strategies, trade negotiations, participation and supporting Government delegation.

KNCCI has representation in all the 47 Counties in Kenya working with the county Governments to advocate for improved business environment at the County level. The objective is to enhance business development through incentives to register, expand and participate in viable trade and investments. The Chamber at the County level also gives business environment proposals to the County Budget and Economic Forum towards preparation of finance, trade and sectorial development laws to promote private sector development as the source of wealth creation and employment. The Chamber collects and collates trade and investment information on County investment opportunities that are important during trade missions, fairs and exhibitions within and beyond Kenyan borders.

The County Chambers organize and participate in local County trade fairs and exhibitions, offers support to the business community and shares information on agreements and markets for exports. The County Chambers also works with partners at the local level and brings together all the Business Membership Organizations and the private sector at large in forging common business development initiatives to lobby County Governments to enhance the business environment.

KNCCI is mandated to offer trade disputes settlement and arbitration services in the course of international trade. KNCCI is in the process of setting a Premier Disputes Settlement and Arbitration Chamber in Nairobi. This would ensure that members of the business community undertake their trade and investment activities in Kenya and in other Countries without disruptions.

KNCCI provides a platform for business networking through breakfast and luncheon meetings to exchange information, experiences and business opportunities.

The Chamber through its very large connection with different organizations and institutions also plays a major role in offering finance and technical support to business. This is usually done through projects with some of the Chamber strategic partners in private sector development in Kenya.

KNCCI has a database of trade and investment information from own research, trade missions, fairs and delegations. This is in addition to market intelligence information that is useful for business growth and development. Also, the Chamber has information about global brands interested in partnering with Kenyan businesses. The Chamber disseminates this information to its members and Kenyans at large to promote private sector development in Kenya.

The Chamber is represented in key Government initiatives on trade and investment at both National and County levels. This provides a platform for the Chamber to lobby and advocate for the creation of a favorable trade and investment environment for business growth and development.

The Chamber issues Certificates of Origin to the local products. The Certificate of Origin (COO) in Kenya has been issued by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) until recently when it was reverted back to the Chamber in the government effort to revive it.

The KNCCI is well positioned globally. It is an affiliate of the East Africa Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA), the G77 Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) and is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and World Chamber Federations (WCF). The Chairman of the KNCCI represents Kenya in the WCF general council. The WCF among its many roles provides a critical advocacy and representation role at the global level, promoting the role of the Chambers as the competent authorities in the issuance of the Certificates of Origin (COO) and the acceptance of electronic COOs.

Through these affiliations, the KNCCI is strategically positioned to articulate the interest of its members in terms of taking advantage of the rising opportunities in the global market, industrialization, science and technology, agricultures, tourism among other key Sectoral areas.