KNCCI and Equity Bank have made a collaborative approach towards ensuring businesses in Kenya are cushioned against potential financial shocks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the collaboration, KNCCI will act as an anchor for Equity Bank to reach businesses across the country with the view of extending affordable and tailored credit facilities that cash flow problems that has been characteristic of the COVID-19 period especially among small enterprises.

How do I enrol so as to benefit from this fund?
Please Visit the nearest KNCCI branch to register for membership. Thereafter, visit any Equity branch and open an account. After opening an account at an Equity branch, sign up for the capacity building program (training). You should be able to access loan facilities as long as you meet all the mandatory requirements.

Training Questions

All members of KNCCI and who have successfully opened accounts at Equity are eligible for training.

Training has been designed to equip members with skills in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and digital literacy. The training is also enhanced through business mentorship and coaching and demand driven business development services for the larger MSMEs. All KNCCI members and those interested in accessing loan facilities will be taken through the training before they can apply for loan facilities.

All MSME including those operating within the agriculture and agribusiness sector, healthcare sector and those dealing with personal and homecare products are eligible for training. We segment MSME as per the SME guidelines and offer tailor-made training modules dependent on whether a business is classified as small, micro or medium. The modules have also been designed to fit the different industries of operation and the specific requirements for the various counties.

The trainings will be conducted virtually, through face to face training sessions and through individual and group mentorship sessions. This shall be spearheaded by our digital literacy partners, Equity branches and other trained facilitators.

Each training module has a designated number of training hours that must be completed. This ranges from a minimum of 2 training hours to a maximum of 35 training hours depending on the module. However, a complete training session should take a minimum of 10 days. (Financial Literacy – 7 hours, Entrepreneurship Education-3 days, Digital Literacy-2 days and Business Development – 3 days)

No, the number of modules to be covered will be determined by a needs assessment which will be done before the commencement of the training.

The training modules expose entrepreneurs and MSME to the following benefits:

  • Business management skills development
  • A network of other entrepreneurs for peer learning and  experiences sharing
  • Financial literacy skills that promotes informed financial decision making & selection of suitable financial products and services for your business and household development.
  • General business operational and management skills like book keeping among others.

No. The training and capacity building is offered FREE of charge.

Yes you can, as long as your spouse or relative has a business, is a member of KNCCI and has an account with Equity, they are eligible to attend the training.

For further guidance or any additional information, please visit an Equity branch or KNNCI branch nearest to you.