KNCCI ON 10th January, 2020 signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Kenya Bankers Association and Equity Bank that will be implemented by a Joint Management Committee (JMC) that will:

  1. Coordinate collaborative activities and project identification
  2. Monitor implementation of the joint activities
  3. Advise parties on emerging areas of collaboration.

The MoU will enable an aligned approach between the Chamber and the association in the pursuit of advocating for a favorable operating environment for enterprises in the Country.

Through the Joint Management Committee, the MoU seeks to:

  1. Facilitate the on boarding of all Chamber members trained to the KBA’s Inuka Enterprise Program,E-learning Program and Equity MSME virtual academy
  2. Support KNCCI to mobilize its members who will be trained in all the 47 counties.
  3. Facilitate the trained Chamber members access Equity Bank financial services.
  4. Facilitate the trained Chamber members form an online group for linkage and networking.
  5. Provide post training linkages and networking opportunities to all trained Chamber members