The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) plays a critical role in ensuring favorable environment for various businesses in different sectors. New Muthokinju Hardware Limited are members of KNCCI who are wholesalers of cement, paints, adhesives and decorating sundries. The two organizations had a meeting to address issues faced by New Muthokinju Hardware Limited and forge a solution to the problems.

Some of the challenges faced by the company are; branding Licensing whereby they have to make multiple payments for vehicle branding in each county where their branded vehicle passes through. Distribution permit, which involves multiple payment of distribution licenses in each and every county where a distributor supplies goods or products to business customers. Levying of cess on national trunk roads when goods are passing through a county.

KNCCI gave its commitment to foster a better working environment for them through collaborating with the KNCCI county chapters where the New Muthokinju Hardware Limited have branches, their branches are spread across 14 counties.

KNCCI will leverage on the Memorandum of Understanding with the Council of Governors in order to boost inter- county trade and eliminate trade barriers.

Present in the meeting were the KNCCI Chief Operating Oficer Mr. Patrick Nyngweso, KNCCI Trade research and policy Manager Mr. Onesmus Masinde , Ms. Ruth Ouma, New Muthokinju Hardware  Ltd MD/CEO Mr Benjamin Kimani and Chief Finance Officer Mr Hatim Shiraz