The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) strives to support its members through various engagements to emulate the rallying cry ‘Growing your business together’

To support Business Growth, KNCCI has launched an initiative themed know the member better 2023. An initiative to support members’ operations, needs and challenges for the betterment of a conducive business environment.

In this regard  the Chamber President Mr. Richard  Ngatia this afternoon led a section of the KNCCI secretariat to visit BCS Kenya Ltd and  Camco Equipment Kenya Limited

BCS Kenya Ltd (Coldstore & Logistics)

BCSK is a Value Adding Logistics & Service (VAL – VAS) provider for conditioned storage and logistics. BCSK is an independent and dynamic company occupying a special position in the national and international market for conditioned storage and logistics. They use track and trace methods to guarantee optimal flow for your goods streams. They also look after and check your products, provide the accompanying documentation, and handle the import duties. The following additional services demonstrate that BCSK is the best Coldstore provider and partner for conditioned products:

  • Cold storage from +4 / +2 degrees Celsius down to -25 degrees Celsius;
  • Domestic conditioned transport by Fargo Courier on daily, weekly or frequent basis;
  • Conditioned transport within Nairobi area on daily, weekly or frequent basis;
  • On request last mile distribution;
  • Flexible number of locations (based on block pallet size 1,20 x 1,00): or 1.800 chilled + 1.000 freezer , or 1.100 chilled + 1.700 freezer
  • Customs, import and export;
  • Product repackaging;
  • Labelling of products;
  • Application of barcodes;
  • Order picking;
  • Preparation of products for delivery to the customers’ their customers or their production department.

Camco Equipment Kenya Limited

Camco Group headquarter is in Shanghai china, with branches in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi ,Tanzania and Cameroon. The head office in Kenya is located in Nairobi with a branch in Nakuru.The Company is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural, construction, power generation and engineering machinery in Kenya.The Products include;

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Pump and irrigation equipment
  • Food Processing equipment
  • Animal husbandry and feed processing equipment
  • Power equipment and generating set
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Repair equipment