Member visits are crucial for KNCCI as it helps strengthen relationships, assess and meet member needs, foster networking and collaboration, and ensure effective communication and support, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of its member businesses.

This morning the membership team led by National Chairman of the Membership Committee Mr. Said Ali, and the General Manager, Membership Mr.James Kitavi paid a courtesy call to a member Yilmaz Company Ltd that manufacturers personal care and detergent products

Yılmaz Company Limited (YCL), carries out its activities in Kenya with its progressive and innovative vision. It laid its foundations in the field of cosmetic and detergent products in the year 2006. YCL utilizes most of the raw materials from the world’s leading chemical companies. YCL has added many success stories to its commercial life in 15 years and continues to grow with its business partners.

Some of the products manufactured for personal care under the brands yenbu and vivia include body wash, hand wash , sanitizers and skin care products

KNCCI gave its commitment to work closely with YCL in growing their brands countrywide and East African region.