The Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary in Kenya plays a crucial role in assisting the executive branch of the government by coordinating and supervising government ministries and state departments. This office is responsible for ensuring efficient governance and addressing various challenges faced by different sectors of the economy.

The Chamber President, Dr. Erick Rutto, along with KNCCI (Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry) national directors and committee representatives, paid a courtesy visit to the Prime Cabinet Secretary, Hon Musalia Mudavadi. Their primary objective was to discuss the challenges facing business sector and propose possible solutions.

Dr. Erick Rutto highlighted five major challenges faced by the business community from various sectors;

  • Intra Africa Trade

Emphasis on addressing foreign exchange issues, promoting exports, reducing imports, and improving logistical efficiency in sea trade.

  • Manufacturing

Promoting value addition, focusing on sectors with abundant raw materials, addressing policy and regulatory issues, and facilitating access to affordable credit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Energy

Addressing the high cost of energy by investing in energy production that supports industrialization and allows multiple producers/suppliers (low cost Independent Power Producers – IPPs).

  • Labour Export

Streamlining and simplifying the bureaucracy involved in labor export processes and visa processing to enhance competitiveness and ease of travel.

  • Taxation

Establishing a predictable taxation regime with justifications for tax changes and reviewing policies to ensure inclusiveness for all industrial actors, particularly focusing on supporting smaller businesses.

Prime Cabinet Secretary, Hon Musalia Mudavadi, congratulated the newly elected leaders and pledged continued government support for the private sector. He emphasized the importance of regular roundtable discussions to provide proper policy direction.

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) expressed its commitment to collaborating with the government to:

  • Support the private sector in overcoming current business challenges.
  • Facilitate collaboration between KNCCI sectoral committees and relevant line ministries to promote synergy.
  • Organize cabinet roundtable sessions to align government plans with the needs of the private sector.
  • Undertake joint fundraising initiatives to support common goals.

To solidify this partnership, KNCCI plans to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary. This MoU aims to establish a long-term roadmap for addressing business challenges and finding solutions to create a conducive business environment in Kenya.