Addressing the members of the fourth estate accompanied by KNCCI leaders . The Chamber President Dr. Erick Rutto has assumed the role of Chair of the ICGLR Great Lakes Region Private Sector Forum. This significant appointment heralds a new era of collaboration, growth, and progress in the region’s private sector.

In an expression of heartfelt gratitude and humility, Dr. Rutto conveyed his deep appreciation for the trust and confidence vested in him by the members of the ICGLR Great Lakes Region Private Sector Forum. Their commitment to fostering a dynamic and thriving private sector poised to drive the economic development of the region was evident in their remarks.

This appointment is not merely a personal achievement but a testament to the collective efforts of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and the entire business community. Together, they envision shaping the future of the Great Lakes Region, with a strong commitment to facilitating sustainable economic growth.

The ICGLR Great Lakes Region Private Sector Forum serves as a crucial platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action, offering numerous opportunities for businesses in the region.

Collaboration within the Forum will unlock the immense potential of the region’s diverse economies, facilitating cross-border trade and attracting investments that will create jobs and enhance the quality of life for citizens.

In the coming months and years, Dr. Rutto envisions an actively engaged forum that advocates for policies conducive to a thriving business environment. Innovative solutions to common challenges, sharing best practices, and leveraging the collective voice of the private sector will be instrumental in addressing issues across the Great Lakes Region.

The Forum also presents an opportunity to promote responsible business practices, ethical conduct, and corporate social responsibility. These initiatives will help enhance the reputation of the private sector, build trust with communities, and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.

Dr. Rutto issued a resounding call to action, urging every member of the ICGLR Great Lakes Region Private Sector Forum to actively participate, contribute ideas, and collaborate toward shared objectives. Their vision is to create a business environment that encourages innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable development.

The Chamber Vice President Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan who was present congratulated Dr. Erick Rutto as the Chairman of the ICGLR Private Sector forum. He noted that KNCCI’s vision and that of the ICGLR, both dedicated to the common objective of promoting and strengthening trade.

Ms. Zainabu Mohamed, the Chairperson of KNCCI Women in Business, expressed her appreciation for the inclusive approach to women in business and the collaborative efforts within the context of the ICGLR.

Together, they look forward to seizing the abundant opportunities, overcoming challenges, and building a prosperous future for the private sector and the communities they serve.