The National Defence College (NDC) embarked on an educational visit to the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI). NDC is a college of the National Defence University Kenya (NDU-K), specializing in the training of senior military officers for increased responsibilities in security management and various areas of public policy. During this visit, the delegation sought to gain insights into KNCCI’s mission and its role in enhancing national security as a vital component of their course curriculum.”

The delegation had the privilege of being hosted by the Chamber Vice President Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan, who expressed his appreciation for their choice of KNCCI as their destination. He assured the delegation of the Chamber’s commitment to strengthening the mutually beneficial relationship between security and investment.

Mr. Ramadhan emphasized the importance of robust trade and security policies in fostering a thriving business environment, and he shared KNCCI’s commitment through the trade research and policy department. The department will collaborate with stakeholders, including the National Defence College, to address trade predictability and related issues effectively.