Chamber President Dr. Erick Rutto and Chamber Vice President Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan hosted a delegation from the EU led by Mr. Filipo Amato, EU Trade Counsellor, who was accompanied by Mr. Herve Delsol, Policy Officer, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Nairobi and Ms. Christine Ndwiga, Policy Officer Trade. The discussions focused on enhancing collaboration between KNCCI and the EU to boost trade and Investments.

Dr Rutto assured the commitment of KNCCI to promoting bilateral trade between Kenya and the EU. He highlighted the EPA Agreement’s role in boosting trade between the two regions and emphasized the importance of information sharing between both parties. He also shared KNCCI’s strategic plan for 2024-2025, reinforcing the commitment to economic cooperation, sustainable development, and enhanced trade between Kenya and the EU.

Mr. Mustafa emphasized the importance of the blue economy and highlighted the need for climate-smart trade solutions to ensure sustainable development.

Mr Filipo sought KNCCI’s support in promoting the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and engaging the private sector for the upcoming health conference on pharmaceutical production. Notable future events include the Nyanza Investment Conference and the Blue Economy Conference on July in Kenya, aimed at sustainable innovation.

National Directors Lucy Muchoki, Ken Onditi, MBS, and KNCCI Secretariat were present at the meeting.