The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Nyanza Region, led by Regional Director Ken Onditi, gathered over 400 business leaders at Acacia Premier Hotel, Kisumu, for a pre-conference breakfast. This event set the stage for the upcoming Nyanza International Investment Conference (NIIC), scheduled for June 28-29, 2024, which will feature H.E Dr. William Ruto.

 Event Highlights

Key Acknowledgements:

Ken Onditi praised sponsors KRA and Comex Homes, and partners EABL, NBK, KDC, Kisumu County Development Trust, United Millers, and the Asian Community for their support. He also thanked Kisumu chapter chair Eng. Israel Agina for successful regional collaboration.

KRA’s Commitment:

– Patience Njau, KRA Regional Coordinator, lauded the region for achieving Ksh 15 billion in revenue collection and promoted tax amnesty and e-TIMS for better compliance and integration.

Comex Homes’ Plans:

Mariam Mamuli discussed Comex Homes’ focus on affordable housing and potential investments in Nyanza.

KDC’s Support:

Daniel Okoth from KDC offered financial and advisory services, expressing readiness to support NIIC.

Local Development Trust’s Involvement:

David Wasamba confirmed Kisumu County Development Trust’s active participation in the conference.

EABL’s Regional Impact:

Molly Aketch highlighted EABL’s operations in Nyanza, including significant investments and partnerships with local farmers and USAID.

NBK’s Services:

Stephen Ochanga outlined NBK’s commitment to supporting businesses with capital and trade facilities.

KNCCI’s Initiatives:

CEO Patrick Nyangweso emphasized digitization through platforms like iSoko and encouraged value addition, crop diversification, and improved security for a thriving 24-hour economy.

NIIC 2024 Goals and Focus Areas

Chair Japh Olende aligned the conference theme with the regional mantra “Nyanza Rise Stronger,” aiming to attract investments to tackle unemployment, infrastructure deficits, and food insecurity. Key investment areas include the blue economy, agricultural value addition, healthcare, eco-tourism, education, and mining.

The pre-conference breakfast set an optimistic tone for NIIC 2024, highlighting the region’s potential and the strategic partnerships necessary for sustainable growth and economic development in Nyanza.


KNCCI and NIIC signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at fostering mutual support and enhance the success of the upcoming Nyanza International Investment Conference and subsequent initiatives in the region.