Mr. Patrick Nyangweso, CEO of KNCCI, received a courtesy call from Ms. Adeela Youmis, Commercial Counsellor at the High Commission of Pakistan, to discuss strategies for bolstering bilateral trade relations between Kenya and Pakistan. The meeting primarily focused on practical initiatives, advocacy efforts and policy influence aimed at strengthening economic ties between the two nations.

Key points of discussion were the current trade dynamics, with Pakistan being Kenya’s leading rice exporter and Kenya ranking 2nd in tea exports to Pakistan. Ms. Youmis raised concerns regarding Kenya’s 35% excise duty on rice imports, highlighting potential strains on trade relations if a proposed 2% increase is implemented. Additionally, both parties explored opportunities for bilateral trade agreements, particularly in the agricultural, textiles, sportswear and pharmaceutical sectors.

Ms. Youmis extended an official invitation for KNCCI and its members to participate in the upcoming 2nd Food Agro Exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan, scheduled from August 9th to 11th, 2024. This event aims to deepen trade connections and showcase agricultural capabilities from both countries. The courtesy call concluded with a commitment from KNCCI to further discussions and potential collaborations to enhance economic cooperation between Kenya and Pakistan.