This morning, Chamber President Richard Ngatia gave remarks on behalf of the private sector at the commencement of the 2-day National Agriculture Summit that has been spearheaded for the first time by the private sector partnership between KNCCI and Kepsa bringing together the government and development partners towards building partnerships for the transformation, growth and competitiveness of the agriculture sector in Kenya. In his remarks, he recommended partners and the government to invest in research and Big Data development for better decision making and performance management. He also encouraged sharing of experiences and lessons learned from other countries which have world class farming and production practices in specific agriculture value chains. He further stressed on the importance of building coherent policy frameworks
and incentivising investment and innovation. It is crucial to provide the foundation for public-private partnerships and leverage private sector engagement and experience
as we consider knowledge and skills.
We launched the Agriculture Sector Network comprised of all private sector organisations in agriculture to ensure collaborative approach in enhancing sustainability in the agriculture sector.
KNCCI shall play the critical role of county administration through its county chapters and rolling out various programs at the county level.
In his remarks Chief Guest CS MoALF&C Hon Peter Munya touched on issues on extension services to give technical support around farming that shall include private sector. Chamber shall play a crucial role in this area.
We look forward to being part and parcel of the Agriculture Transformation Agenda.