This morning the KNCCI had a meeting with KPLC on partnership, discuss various challenges faced by businesses and households and possible solutions.
KNCCI & KPLC have a common factor by being visible in all the 47 counties. This will assist in boosting communication and ensuring that all businesses and individuals have all the information they need on time and also have a specific person to channel their concerns to at the county level.
KPLC is aiming to ensure that;
• Clients understand the billing system.
• A time limit of five months has been set to solve issues concerning transformers in different counties.
• Efficiency in connections and curb electricity fraud.
• Create awareness to all customers both SMEs and large power consumers.

Way Forward.
Form a Joint Business committee to give a report to get information on challenges within businesses and household to assist in improving services;
• Support the government to undertake legislation to direct government research and encourage private investment in the technologies of tomorrow, including energy storage, carbon capture utilization and storage, and advanced nuclear.
• Provide a forum for open debate and discussion on energy policy issues as they impact the availability and utilization of energy supplies in Kenya.
• Support strategic investment in energy market to achieve a return on investment and the need for secure, sustainable and competitive supplies.
• Develop policy positions, for the approval of the chamber leadership, in relation to the operation and development of the energy sector in Kenya
• The committee advocates for policy positions through regulatory and industry stakeholders though a mix of position papers, engagement with other representative bodies, high profile energy events and other actions.
• Suggest measures to protect businesses from the escalating costs of energy efficiency mandates while advocating for market determination of cost-effective utility energy efficiency and demand-side management programs.
• Support and advocate for prudent, necessary and cost-effective investments in energy infrastructure and expand access to all forms of Kenya’s energy resources.
• Work with other stakeholders to ensure energy quality legislation or regulatory actions are not overly burdensome on industry and are based on sound science.
Proposed Partnership Programmes
• Support KPLC to undertake due diligence on international supply chain and contracting programmes with international companies Support joint resource mobilization, joint ventures and public private partnerships ventures
• Support to identify technical support and knowledge enhancement with partners abroad
• Work together to support Corporate social responsibility
• Joint promote energy efficiency and production programmes
• Support the institution with consumer education, feedback and county programmes
• Undertake joint energy trade initiatives and exhibitions
• Our goal is to foster a common-sense energy strategy to help keep Kenya secure, prosperous, and clean