Today is the second day at the East Africa Trade and Industrialization Week (EATIW) 2021, taking place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Mr. Samuel Matonda has represented the Chamber in a panel discussion on, “Greening Africa’s Industrialization”.

Greening Africa’s Industrialization is very important. Industrialization in itself is good, but there are elements of disjointed policies that need to be harmonized to ensure that even as we embrace industrialization, our environment remains to be safe, the Kenya Chamber of Commerce CEO has emphasized.

Mr. Matonda has highlighted that environmental pollution comes with industrialization and in as much as we admire industrialization, we need to be prepared to handle the challenges that come with it.

He has advised the need to embrace circular economy in order to reduce waste pollution. According to him, if one factory waste product is adopted by another factory as a raw material, then it is possible to reduce environmental pollution and this is circular economy.

He therefore has expressed the need for relationships between factories so that no factory product goes to waste.

Additionally, the Chamber CEO has affirmed that Africa can redeem herself from being a mass consumption continent, by adopting green industrialization.

MSMEs should trust themselves and grow their confidence, countries, regions and the continent need to harmonize policies to support green industrialization, emissions emanating from industrialization activities need to be harnessed and, it is necessary to use green energy sources including Geothermal, wind, solar and nuclear. Stressed the CEO

The EATIW that began yesterday will be going on until Friday 3rd this week.