The 5th edition of the Kenya International Industrial Expo (KIIE) has officially opened its doors to potential buyers of Chinese products. This is a medium to advance trade interests, and build networks for future business partnerships, aligning well with the vision of shared prosperity. The expo will run for three days, starting today Thursday 3rd November, 2022 at Sarit expo Centre in Nairobi.

The Ag. Chief Executive Officer Mr. Patrick Nyangweso represented Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) during the opening ceremony where he indicated that such exhibitions open opportunities for everyone to see solutions offered by the Kenyan market. This could be investment prospects or even access to quality brands. He amplified the Chamber’s ambition of enhancing international relations by advocating for enhancement of international trade with other states since this is a key contributor of mutual relationship and understanding.

Since 2020, KNCCI has been very proactive in supporting the Kenya International Industrial Expo in collaboration with Afripeak Expo Kenya.The EXPO has continued to provide platforms and opportunities in technology transfer, boosting inter-trade and enhancing the opening of the gateway between Kenya and China

Looking at exports, Kenya exports mainly; Ores and concentrates of base metals, Petroleum oils and Vegetable oils. Others are textile fibers, Leather, Manufactures of base metal, Crude vegetable materials, Tea and mate, among others.

This Expo brings together over one hundred (100) companies from China who will be exhibiting at the 3 days event. It is a fitting launch-pad for growing trade cooperation between China and Africa and an important signal to the world that China remains open for business.