This morning the Minister Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission of Botswana High Commission, Sophie Heidi Mautle paid a courtesy visit to the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Patrick Nyangweso with an aim to strengthen bilateral ties, promote trade and investment opportunities and enhancing economic cooperation.

The meeting provided a platform for both parties to discuss key areas of collaboration and explore avenues for mutual benefit.

KNCCI presented an overview of its functions, objectives, and activities with highlights of successful collaborations with international partners and emphasized their role in promoting trade and supporting local businesses.

Botswana High Commission on the other hand provided an in-depth overview of Botswana’s economic landscape, investment opportunities, and trade policies.

They highlighted key sectors, such as mining, tourism, agriculture (Horticulture), and Livestock, where Botswana excels and expressed interest in exploring partnerships in these areas.

There are numerous areas of collaboration that can enhance the trade ties between the two countries such as ; exploring joint ventures, technological transfers, and investment opportunities in sectors of mutual interest.

Specific sectors of interest included; horticulture, education exchange programs,  livestock and capacity building initiatives.

KNCCI is committed towards improving the trade ties between the two countries.

Also in attendance were : the Head of Trade, Policy, Research and Advocacy Mr. Kassim Were; SME Development Officer, Sakina Asman and Trade Officer, Abubakar Mahamood