In a significant diplomatic endeavor, the Vice President of Botswana, H. E Slumber Tsogwane,on the 6th of June 2023 embarked on a visit to Kenya, culminating in a strategic meeting with the Chamber President Mr. Richard Ngatia with the aim of enhancing economic cooperation and strengthening bilateral trade ties between the two countries.

The Chamber President delivered a comprehensive presentation, detailing potential trade opportunities between Kenya and Botswana. Key sectors highlighted for significant growth potential included agriculture/ horticulture, tourism, Education, Fintech/technology and innovation.

Adding gravitas to the occasion was the presence of Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Hon. Simon Chelugui. The Cabinet Secretary’s attendance underscored Kenya’s commitment to exploring new trade partnerships and reinforcing existing ones. Interest was particularly piqued by the potential for collaboration in the MSME sector, recognized as a vital component of Kenya’s economy.

The Vice President of Botswana reciprocated the enthusiasm, expressing Botswana’s readiness to embrace these trading opportunities and foster stronger economic ties with Kenya.

Concluding on a promising note, both parties concurred on the need to encourage businesses in their respective countries to seize these burgeoning opportunities. This meeting was hailed as a significant milestone, laying a sturdy foundation for mutual economic growth and prosperity for Kenya and Botswana.