Following the two- day business trade mission that took place from the 7th to the 9th July in Congo Brazzaville .The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI ) in collaboration with the KCB Foundation  and KCB Bank Kenya this morning held a consultative meeting  at the  KCB Karen Leadership Centre with KNCCI members who took part in the trade mission and those interested in the Congo Brazzaville business market .

The main economic sectors in Congo Brazzaville include Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Construction and manufacturing. The Country is rich in minerals. It has fertile arable land and favorable climate.

There are various trade opportunities in the following sectors ;

  • Agribusiness

Congo Brazzaville has fertile land and favorable climatic conditions, offering opportunities for agricultural investment.

  • Commodities trading

Commodities trading, particularly the importation of sugar, cooking oils, rice, wheat flour, and maize, between Kenya and Congo Brazzaville could present viable business opportunities. Both countries have unique advantages and resources that can complement each other in the trading process.

  • Logistics

For exporting goods from Kenya to Congo Brazzaville, companies can utilize various transportation options, such as sea freight from Mombasa port to Pointe-Noire port or Dar es Salaam port (Tanzania) to Pointe-Noire port, or even airfreight for perishable items.

  • Retail/wholesale outlets – supermarkets

Venturing into Congo Brazzaville to promote Kenyan products through retail and wholesale outlets, especially supermarkets, can be a promising business opportunity. Having our local supermarkets expand into the market to promote our local brands.

  • Meat and meat products

There is high demand of the demand for meat products in the Congolese market, Boosting exports of the meat and meat products is a lucrative business opportunity.

  • Hospitals and Medical equipment supplies , cosmetic surgery centers

Medical equipment and drugs are prices in Kenya are comparatively lower compared to Congo Brazzaville therefore creating an export opportunity.

The trade mission between Kenya and Congo Brazzaville served as a crucial platform for fostering economic cooperation, identifying business opportunities, and strengthening trade relations. This marks the beginning of potential collaborations and partnerships between businesses from both countries, with the aim of creating mutually beneficial outcomes and boosting economic growth for both countries.