The Chamber Vice President Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan this morning hosted Ambassador of Argentina to Kenya H.E Gabriella Martinic, with the main aim of fostering bilateral trade ties between Kenya and Argentina.

Both leaders engaged in productive discussions regarding the future of Kenyan-Argentinian trade relations and explored potential areas of collaboration.

During the meeting, the two leaders also discussed the possibility of organizing joint business forums and trade delegations in the near future, aimed at facilitating direct interaction between Kenyan and Argentinian businesses. These forums would serve as a platform for businesses from both countries to display their products, discuss potential partnerships, and further the economic ties between our nations.

Her Excellency Gabriella Martinic expressed his commitment to enhancing the business relationship between Argentina and Kenya and highlighted the diverse areas in which Argentinian businesses could benefit from Kenyan expertise, and vice versa.

The KNCCI recognizes the immense potential that exists in a strengthened partnership with Argentina. We are committed to working closely with the Argentinian Embassy and other relevant stakeholders to harness this potential and pave the way for a prosperous future for both nations.

We will keep our members and stakeholders updated on any developments and upcoming events stemming from this meeting. Together, we look forward to a vibrant and fruitful relationship with our Argentinian counterparts.