Today marked a significant step forward in the pursuit of enhanced partnerships and collaborations, as the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) played host to a distinguished delegation from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (CCIS) with a shared vision of fortifying trade relations between Kenya and Serbia, both chambers of commerce convened to explore avenues of mutual growth and economic cooperation.

The event was presided over by The Chamber President,Dr. Erick Rutto along with the KNCCI Management team, reflecting the high level of commitment to nurturing cross-border partnerships.

The CCIS delegation, led by the Senior Advisor to the Serbian Chamber President, Mr. Vanja Petkovic, was accompanied by H.E. Dragan Zupanjevac, Serbia’s Ambassador to Kenya who highlighted Kenya’s strategic position as an essential bridge connecting East African nations with the South East Europe region.

Mr.Vanja Petkovic lauded the long-standing tradition of cooperation between Kenya and Serbia. He underlined the primary purpose of the delegation’s visit being the transfer of knowledge and technology.

During the meeting, the Chamber President, Dr. Eric Rutto, articulated key points that underscored the shared goals of both parties:

  • The need to address the current trade balance between Kenya and Serbia, which currently favors Serbia. This acknowledgment signified a shared commitment to achieving more equitable trade relations between the two nations.
  • Establishment of a Joint Business Council (JBC) to facilitate and solidify bilateral trade agreements, both parties recognized the importance of establishing a Joint Business Council (JBC) between Kenya and Serbia. The JBC would serve as a mechanism to promote and sustain mutually beneficial economic exchanges.
  • Collaborative effort to establish a Digital Cooperation Center (DCC) aimed at empowering businesses with the tools and strategies necessary for success in the digital age.
  • Lead a business delegation to Belgrade in Serbia, focusing particularly on the tourism sector. This initiative holds the promise of strengthening ties and uncovering new avenues for growth and cooperation.

The Serbian companies present were; Agro Budget Systems, Agropak Doo, Institute of Meat Hygiene & Technology, Milanovic Water Treatment, Orion Telekom Cloud Services, Pcelin Cvet d.o.o, Pujo.Rs Doo, Sanum per Fructus, and Yuhor, among others.

The Kenyan companies present were; Centum Real Estate, KMC, Bepark, Blue Sea Energy, Laazizi Logistics, PJ Daves, Apiculture Ltd, Black Rock, and Baseline Power Systems were represented.

KNCCI has also organized site visits to Quick Mart Supermarkets and Centum Real Estate, further solidifying the collaborative efforts between KNCCI and CCIS.