The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Chongqing solidified their relationship through a collaborative agreement, heralding a new era in trade and cooperation between the two entities.

During the official opening of the CCPIT Chongqing Expo at Nairobi’s Sarit Centre, KNCCI was represented by the National Director, Mr. Hussein Jama. In his address, he urged the delegates from Chongqing to consider deeper collaborations, emphasizing the mutual benefits of knowledge exchange with their Kenyan counterparts.

The business delegation from Chongqing were showcasing a diverse range of goods. Most prominent among these were the motorcycles, medical equipment, and textile products. Chongqing city has reputation as a motorcycle producer with the staggering revelation that the city has the capacity to churn out 1 million motorcycles each day. This not only reflects the scale of Chongqing’s manufacturing prowess but also the potential for partnerships in this sector for Kenyan businesses.
One of the cornerstones of this collaboration is to facilitate the access of Kenyan businesses to the expansive Chinese market and vice versa. The expo is a clear and tangible indication of CCPIT Chongqing’s commitment to not just establishing, but also nurturing and expanding its trade relationships with Kenya. The event served as a platform for business networking, exploration of new ventures, and the strengthening of the economic bridge between Chongqing and Kenya.