At the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI), we highly appreciate our members’ feedback and their contributions to enhancing our service delivery. In honor of Customer Service Week, we organized an engaging breakfast session for our members. This session aimed to gain deeper insights into their businesses, understand the challenges they face, and explore potential solutions for a more conducive environment for business growth.

During the event, KNCCI CEO Mr. Patrick Nyangweso emphasized the importance of member interaction, encouraging them to learn from diverse businesses and seize opportunities within the network. He assured members that KNCCI is tirelessly committed to meeting all their needs and desires.

One of our esteemed KNCCI members, Mr. Felix Chege, the Chief Executive Officer of Real Sources Africa, shared his testimonial. Since joining as a member in 2021, his business, initially local, has expanded into seven additional countries over the past two years.

Mr. Joseph Theuri, Chairperson of KNCCI Nyandarua, also present at the event, urged all members to work towards creating a broader ecosystem. He cited the example of Nyandarua County, which produces abundant cash crops that often go to waste due to a lack of markets. These untapped opportunities could be explored by members from other counties.

Mr. Said Ali, Chairperson of the KNCCI membership committee, highlighted that KNCCI membership is akin to a business club, fostering interaction among members for mutual business growth and the exploration of new opportunities. He reassured participants that KNCCI is actively working to transform its services into value for money. This transformation includes:

  • Establishing a platform for business marketing
  • Advocating for businesses with a strong voice
  • Facilitating business connections through incoming and outgoing trade missions
  • Enhancing the capacity of members to venture into new business areas.

Ms. Loise Macharia from Wylde International guided members through an elevator pitch process, enabling them to effectively position their businesses in minimal time by focusing on problem-solving, solutions, benefits, and actionable steps.

To wrap up the event, Mr. Kassim Were, KNCCI General Manager of Trade, encouraged members to seize upcoming trade missions as opportunities to explore business prospects beyond our borders.

KNCCI is committed to improving the quality of service provided and increasing the benefits offered to its members.

#Happy Customer Service Week 2023