Trustees have a pivotal role in ensuring effective governance, sustainability, and the overall success of the organization. This morning, the KNCCI board of trustees held their inaugural meeting to introduce members and develop a workplan aimed at supporting KNCCI committees for enhanced effectiveness.

Mr. Kiprono Kittony, who served as the Chamber President from 2014 to 2019, chairs the board of trustees, while committee members include Mr. Bob Karina, Mr. Duncan Singi, Mr. W. Kangethe, Dr. Bimal Kantaria, Prof. Jane Konditi, and Ms. Phyllis Wangwe.

The trustees will be instrumental in managing assets and actively seeking partnerships, with a strong emphasis on promoting diversity, inclusivity, commerce, and competence.

Their diverse expertise positions them to lead the organization in fulfilling its mission and upholding its core values effectively.

The Chamber President Dr.Erick Rutto expressed his commitment to collaborate closely with the trustees in strengthening and transforming KNCCI especially on strategic engagement with the county chapters and digitization of internal operations to improve efficiency with the ultimate goal of having a better organization.