Robert Bosch East Africa Ltd was established with the objective of providing a wide range of Bosch solutions in areas such as Mobility Solutions, Energy and Building Technology, Industrial Technology, and Consumer Goods. The office located in Kenya serves the East African region.

Robert Bosch East Africa Limited has been a corporate member of KNCCI for the past five years. Through the support of KNCCI’s manufacturing committee,  Robert Bosch East Africa this morning  hosted a forum  to educate members on energy consumption and efficiency in industrial boiler systems. The session aimed to share best engineering practices related to industrial boilers.

During the forum, Ms. Esther Nthenya, the chairperson of KNCCI’s Manufacturing Committee, expressed her appreciation to Robert Bosch for organizing the forum and enlightening manufacturers about modern solutions to save energy and enhance efficiency in their businesses.

Mr. Chris Kandie, the Vice Chairperson of KNCCI’s Manufacturing Committee, acknowledged that the forum provided valuable information and looked forward to more interactive sessions to receive KNCCI training and explore other business opportunities offered by Robert Bosch.

The forum also included a Question and Answer session, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the services and products offered by Bosch. KNCCI expressed its gratitude to Robert Bosch for the informative session and anticipated more such sessions in the future to promote business efficiency and reduce energy consumption.