The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and the Africa New Zealand Business Chamber (ANZBC) share several key similarities. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting and facilitating international trade. KNCCI focuses on enhancing trade within Kenya and Africa, while ANZBC is committed to fostering trade relations between Africa and New Zealand.

Both KNCCI and ANZBC work as advocates for the business communities they represent. They engage with governments and policymakers to influence trade policies, promote favorable business conditions, and address challenges faced by their members.

This morning KNCCI CEO Mr. Patrick Nyangweso and KNCCI Mombasa Chairman Mr. Abud Jamal hosted Mr. Abdul Mohamud from the  Africa New Zealand Business Chamber (ANZBC).The primary objective of this meeting was to foster robust trade policies and practices between New Zealand and African nations, encompassing both bilateral and multilateral aspects.