The KNCCI leadership led by Chamber President Dr Erick Rutto, met with the Chairperson of the Council of Governors (COG), H.E Anne Mumbi Waiguru, EGH, OGW, with the primary goal of strengthening collaboration between the COG and the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI).

Dr. Rutto proposed that governors serve as patrons for KNCCI County Chapters, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to enhance the economy. He urged the inclusion of the business community in international trade missions to attract investments to Kenya and stressed the importance of a closer partnership between KNCCI and COG to actively seek diaspora investments, particularly within the County Annual Investment Plans (CAIPs).

The Chamber President expressed his concern over the division of Kenya into small economic blocks through county cess fees. He recommended digital solutions to facilitate smoother intercounty trade. He also encouraged the adoption of a single business permit by governors and highlighted the importance of addressing pending bills.

H.E Anne Waiguru EGH, OGW, outlined key areas of partnership, focusing on the creation of Export Processing Zones in Muranga, Busia, and Kirinyaga to attract both foreign and local investments. She emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between KNCCI and County Governments in various county investment initiatives, seeking private sector support for infrastructure development within the counties.
The Chairperson stressed the necessity of addressing skill gaps within the counties, proposing a focused approach to skill development. She also highlighted the opportunity to map out businesses in the counties, facilitating a better understanding of economic activities and the creation of a comprehensive database. Furthermore, she underlined the need for tangible results in diaspora investment conferences and reassured KNCCI of her full support.

Managing Director Alpharama Limited Dr. Rao, also a member of the KNCCI Leather sector Committee, urged the chairperson to lead in capacity building for slaughterhouse employees, aiming to reduce losses in the leather industry. He also called on County Governments to support the industry by providing school shoes for students as a CSR program.

The KNCCI Agriculture sector Committee proposed a partnership with county governments to sustain farmers by offering post-funding support and promoting sustainable farming methods.

Mr. Joseph Theuri, from the Manufacturing Sector Committee, highlighted the potential for industrialization through prioritizing value addition to products, contributing to increased international trade. These initiatives demonstrate KNCCI’s commitment to addressing sector-specific challenges and fostering partnerships for sustainable economic growth.
Both parties affirmed their commitment to the success of their partnership, emphasizing the significance of achieving measurable and tangible outcomes.

Accompanying the Chamber President were National Directors, Sector Committee Chairpersons , Members of the National Governing Council (NGC), and KNCCI Secretariat.