The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) yesterday engaged in discussions with a visiting delegation from the Indian Legislative Assembly, marking a significant step in fostering bilateral relations between Kenya and India. The meeting aimed at exploring collaborative opportunities across various sectors to boost economic growth and prosperity. The delegation was hosted by the Chamber Vice President, Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan, and the National Director, Mr. Omarsadik Dahiye , who provided insights into KNCCI’s mission to promote trade, investment, and entrepreneurship within Kenya.

During the meeting, the leadership of KNCCI presented an overview of the Chamber’s decentralized structure, which spans all 47 counties in Kenya, facilitating grassroots engagement and economic development nationwide. The discussions also touched on KNCCI’s engagement with the Kenyan government was elaborated upon, emphasizing the Chamber’s role in advocating for business-friendly policies and fostering private sector-government partnerships to create a conducive business environment.

The discussions between KNCCI and the Indian delegation examined multiple sectors ripe for collaboration, including trade and investment, technology transfer, infrastructure development, education and skills development, healthcare, tourism, SME development, and the green economy. These areas present opportunities for leveraging India’s expertise and fostering partnerships that could significantly benefit both countries.