In a significant move for Kenya’s construction industry, Arch. Florence Nyole, President of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK), met with Dr. Eric Rutto, President of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI). The discussions aimed to establish a strategic partnership to connect AAK members with investment opportunities within the building and construction sector.

The collaboration seeks to enhance business access for local built environment professionals, leveraging the Chamber’s extensive network to boost the visibility and utilization of local expertise. This initiative is set to provide AAK members with substantial competitive advantages, ensuring they become the preferred professionals for investors undertaking construction projects in Kenya

Arch. Nyole expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential, describing it as a game-changer for the association’s members. Dr. Rutto echoed this sentiment, highlighting the Chamber’s commitment to fostering local talent and driving economic growth through strategic alliances.

Both leaders are confident that this partnership will yield positive outcomes, benefiting Kenya’s architectural and construction landscape by creating robust opportunities for local¬†professionals.