The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) has officially entered into a strategic partnership with Global Exhibitions Incorporated Limited (GEX) aimed at boosting business linkages between local companies and global corporations. This collaboration was formalized through a Service Level Agreement signed at the KNCCI offices in Nairobi.

Empowering Local Enterprises

Established in 2014, GEX specializes in organizing international business-to-business (B2B) events, providing a platform for trade, agriculture, water & sanitation, chemical, medical, and hospitality industries. Through this partnership, KNCCI aims to leverage GEX’s expertise to facilitate international trade platforms that foster innovation and unlock emerging business opportunities in Kenya’s various sectors.

Strategic Objectives

The core objective of this collaboration is to enrich GEX-organized events by utilizing KNCCI’s extensive network and resources. These events will focus on identifying policy gaps, showcasing existing technologies, and fostering public-private sector dialogue. The ultimate goal is to streamline value chains and create robust networks for Kenyan businesses.

Confidentiality and Independent Operations

The agreement outlines strict confidentiality measures to protect proprietary information shared between the parties. Both KNCCI and GEX will operate as independent contractors, ensuring no joint venture, partnership, or employment relationship is inferred. This independent relationship enables each party to maintain its autonomy while working towards common goals.

Geographical and Promotional Reach

The partnership will extend GEX’s reach within the geographical boundaries covered by KNCCI’s affiliations, including various chambers in other countries. KNCCI will actively promote the partnership and its events to its diverse membership base, including county governments and parastatals.

Official Statements

KNCCI’s leadership expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential to drive economic growth and innovation in Kenya. They emphasized that the collaboration aligns with KNCCI’s mission to create a favorable commercial environment that supports enterprise expansion.

This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing Kenya’s position as a preferred destination for international business events and trade opportunities. The combined efforts of KNCCI and GEX are expected to yield substantial benefits for the Kenyan business community, driving economic development and fostering global connections.