We are thrilled to announce the signing of a monumental MOU between the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and the One Voice Consortium! This partnership marks a significant milestone in fostering market linkages and collaboration between Kenyans in the diaspora and KNCCI members.

With over 80 diaspora Kenyan companies already actively importing a variety of products directly from Kenya, this collaboration opens up promising opportunities for KNCCI members, especially MSMEs, to thrive in the US market.

Key leaders, Dr. Robert Chiuri PhD, CEO and Global Chairman of the One Voice Consortium, and Mr. Simon Nyagah, Chairman of KNCCI Economic Diplomacy, highlighted the importance of this partnership in streamlining trade and positioning Kenyan products in the US. From coffee and tea to textiles, spices, and leather goods, the diversity of Kenyan offerings is set to captivate the US market.

This MOU not only facilitates international expansion for Kenyan businesses but also strengthens economic diplomacy between Kenya and the US. By leveraging the combined expertise and networks of both organizations, we anticipate enhanced trade volumes, improved market access, and mutually beneficial collaborations.