This afternoon, the Chamber President, Dr. Erick Rutto, hosted a delegation from Bao’an District, Shenzhen, led by the District Mayor Mr. Wang Lide, who was accompanied by three heads of sub-districts and other officials. Also present was the National Director for the Nyanza Region, Mr. Ken Onditi, MBS.

Following the MOU signed between the organisations this morning, discussions focused on partnership and investment in the sectors of new energy, consumer electronics, medical and pharmaceuticals, and fresh produce. A significant opportunity for the export of fruits and other fresh produce was highlighted. KNCCI will introduce a company that is among Shenzhen’s leading importers of fruits and fresh produce and has a turnover of Ksh 600 billion.

Additionally, there was a discussion on the opportunity to expand the KNCCI – China office to have branches in other provinces in China. This expansion aims to enhance trade, considering over Ksh 200 million in exports have been achieved since the office was established. This will allow KNCCI members to expand their markets and improve trade.