KNCCI President Dr. Erick Rutto recently welcomed a delegation from the American Welding Society, headed by Eng. Michael, for a courtesy call. The aim of the visit is to collaborate on training and certifying welders to world-class standards, inviting Kenyans to join the global welding community.

The proposal involves partnering with KNCCI to establish testing and certifying centers across Kenya, addressing the shortage of welders globally, particularly in the USA, which lacks 375,000 welders. The absence of certified welders poses risks to projects.

Currently, only the East Africa Institute of Welding provides certification, highlighting the need for more globally recognized institutes. Kenya faces a shortage of training equipment, with ten students sharing one unit, prolonging training duration unnecessarily.

KNCCI’s partnership is sought to aid welders in obtaining certification and to implement programs facilitating efficient training within a six-month timeframe.