This morning the KNCCI leadership led by the Chamber President(CP) Mr. Richard Ngatia, Resource Mobilization committee chairperson Mr. Stephen Mbugua and Chamber Enterprise Club Chairperson Mr. Julius Opio and the KNCCI secretariat Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Samuel Matonda, Chief Operating Officer (COO)Mr. Patrick Nyangweso, Business Development Manager Ms. Virginia Waruingi and Liaison Manager CP’s office Ms. Liz Guantai had a meeting with the Chairman C.Patrick Mwangi & CEO Kenya Chamber of Mines(KCM) Mr.Moses Njiru Njeru .

The Kenya Chamber of Mines (KCM) was established in 2000 to represent the interests of Kenya’s miners, exploration companies, and mineral traders. KCM also seeks to associate these interests with national and local community interests (such as the objectives of Vision 2030), and to involve other stakeholders in order to ensure that these interests do not cause harm to the environment and the communities.

The deliverables from the meeting;

  • Renew the 2014 MoU between the two organization and provide for an implementation strategy.
  • Form a technical committee between the two organizations with three members from each organization to address issues facing the mining industry including economic rights of miners and optimize the economic benefit from the mining sector.
  • To support small scale miners through capacity building and creating an enabling policy environment.
  • Create an enabling environment for mineral trade both locally and internationally.
  • Health and safety of miners.
  • KNCCI can help to lobby the government for the amendment of the mining act 2016 to provide for fair revenue sharing with local communities.
  • To promote and create awareness in the mining sector locally.