“The Propaper Kenya 2023 event is an exceptional platform catering to the regional and global paper, printing, packaging, and hygiene tissue industries. This expo is scheduled to run from today until the 3rd of November.

The paper industry, which serves more than 5 billion people globally, has evolved significantly over time. Originally characterized by slow and labor-intensive processes, it has now transitioned into a realm of capital-intensive equipment and advanced high-speed paper machines.

Ramco Group, a member of KNCCI, serves as the official host of the expo. During the opening ceremony, KNCCI CEO Mr. Patrick Nyangweso emphasized the importance of collaboration among stakeholders in the Kenyan paper industry. He acknowledged the industry’s challenges, including growing demand for domestic wood supplies by entities like bioenergy companies. Additionally, he noted that digitalization has led to a decline in graphic paper consumption, which is offset by increased demand for packaging and hygiene papers.

Speaking during the opening ceremony Ps State Department of Industry Dr. Juma Mukhwana highlighted Kenya’s abundant labor force as a potential advantage for manufacturers due to lower labor costs and the availability of skilled and semi-skilled workers. He concluded by mentioning the Kenyan government’s efforts to attract foreign investment and promote industrialization, including the establishment of special economic zones that provide incentives like tax breaks and infrastructure support to manufacturers.

Notable attendees at the event included Dr. Darshan Chandaria, Group CEO & Director of Chandaria Industries, and Mr. Jeen Joshua from Verifair Business Events Dubai.”