This morning, KNCCI had the privilege of hosting a delegation of 10 individuals representing the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Guangzhou, in collaboration with the Guangdong Business Association. Leading the delegation was Mr. Yang Yong, President of the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce.

KNCCI CEO Mr. Patrick Nyangweso, extended a warm welcome the guests. In his address, he emphasized KNCCI’s readiness to actively engage in initiatives aimed at enhancing business opportunities for our members.

The delegation consisted of representatives from various sectors, including fashion and textiles, real estate, canned foods, fruits and vegetables, and wholesale trade. Their primary objective was to explore ways to strengthen bilateral trade relations between Kenya and Guangzhou, with a particular focus on promoting imports of canned fish and the export of raw materials to help balance the trade gap.

Additionally, the delegation expressed a keen interest in expanding their presence in Kenya’s manufacturing sector, taking advantage of the investor-friendly policies and existing manufacturing facilities. This partnership aims to boost Kenyan exports, especially in products such as avocados, mangoes, cut flowers, coffee, and notably, red tea. Furthermore, they expressed a desire to explore opportunities in the beef and lamb sectors, with the intention of processing these products in Guangzhou.

CCPIT also underscored its commitment to fostering bilateral cooperation with KNCCI members to facilitate business growth. As a significant gesture of support, they offered KNCCI a satellite office in Guangzhou, along with two years of rent assistance. This office will serve as a platform to showcase Kenyan products, further promoting trade between the two regions.