The collaborative effort between the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and Deloitte Kenya on November 21, 2023, yielded a comprehensive and enlightening training session. The training equiped 35 KNCCI members actively involved in the export sector with the essential knowledge and tools necessary for success in the complex world of export taxation.

Key Highlights of the Training:

East Africa Community Insights: Participants delved deep into the intricacies of the East African Community, gaining insights into the regional dynamics that impact cross-border trade. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for making informed decisions in the export market.
Legal Expertise: The training provided a solid foundation in the legal framework surrounding export taxation. Participants received valuable guidance on compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring that their export endeavors remain within the bounds of the law.
Streamlined Export Procedures: Attendees acquired practical knowledge about export procedures and documentation. This hands-on approach helped participants streamline their export processes, reducing the likelihood of errors or delays.
Unlocking Export Schemes: Deloitte Kenya’s experts shed light on various export schemes and incentives available to exporters. This information empowered participants to identify opportunities for cost savings and gain a competitive edge in the export market.
Single Market Advantage: The training elucidated the benefits and complexities of accessing and operating within single markets. Participants left with a deeper understanding of how to leverage single-market opportunities effectively.
Guidance from Experts:

The training sessions were skillfully conducted by Deloitte Kenya’s Tax and Legal experts, Mr. John Humphrey and Mr. Peter Mbugua. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in the field provided participants with practical insights and actionable strategies.