The Chamber President Dr. Erick Rutto, actively participated as a panelist during the 5th Edition of the Africa Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) Finance Series, which aims to address the substantial $42 billion financing gap women face in Africa. AFAWA, a continent-wide initiative in collaboration with the African Guarantee Fund, is dedicated to bridging this financial divide.

The High-level Gender Finance Conference convened prominent leaders from various sectors within the financial services industry, Development Financial Institutions, Government, Business Development Service Providers, and other development partners. Together, they engaged in discussions concerning the opportunities, obstacles, and viable solutions for providing financial support to women entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Dr. Rutto, emphasized in his speech that one of KNCCI’s key responsibilities is to bolster women entrepreneurs by facilitating access to credit facilities and aiding them in promoting their products both locally and globally. He highlighted that KNCCI, through the Jiinue Growth Program, recently launched a capacity-building initiative for youth and women across all counties, which includes an affordable financial support component. Dr. Rutto affirmed KNCCI’s readiness to collaborate with the African Guarantee Fund and other stakeholders to further empower women.