In a strategic collaborative session, the KNCCI Women in Business (WIB) committee engaged a meeting with the leadership of the KNCCI Nairobi Chapter. Acknowledging the role women play as owners and operators of more than 50% of informal businesses in Kenya, the session underscored their significance as vital economic drivers.

Chaired by the WIB National Director, Zainabu Mohamed.The deliberations centered on the strategic scaling and implementation of curated programs, sector-based forums, and events aimed at providing robust support to Kenyan women in business.

Ms. Nancy Muthoni presented a comprehensive annual calendar of events tailored to meet the specific needs of women in business. The objective is to boost trade, investment, and overall economic contributions. Highlighted activities for the year include:

  • Regionally organized breakfasts for International Women’s Day
  • Founders & Mothers Day Forum
  • Gala & Business Summit
  • Health Forum addressing pertinent issues such as cancer, HIV, and disabilities.

A strong emphasis was placed on fostering collaboration within the Women in Business committee.