The Chamber President Dr. Erick Rutto and Chamber Vice President Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan hosted a delegation from Ukraine, led by Odesa Mayor Pavel Vugelman.

The Ukrainian delegation, comprised of prominent businesspersons in key sectors such as healthcare, commodity trading, textile, and fashion, engaged in fruitful discussions on potential areas for collaboration with their Kenyan counterparts.

Discussions centered on exploring avenues for partnerships and joint ventures that could mutually benefit both nations. The healthcare sector emerged as a focal point, with talks revolving around potential collaborations in medical research, technology exchange, and healthcare infrastructure development.

In addition to healthcare, the delegation expressed keen interest in collaborating with Kenyan businesses in the commodity-trading sector, identifying opportunities for increased trade and investment. The textile and fashion industries were also on the agenda, with discussions aimed at fostering partnerships that would promote cultural exchange and boost economic growth in both countries.