Today marked a significant day for the KNCCI Busia Chapter, led by Chamber President Dr. Erick Rutto. The day began with a productive courtesy call to Busia County Commissioner Mr. Kipchumba Rutto. This meeting focused on a vital collaboration between local businesses and the national government in Busia County. The discussion highlighted the Jiinue program’s commitment to providing financial assistance to businesses, a key factor in their growth and stability. The success of this program is evident not just in providing loans but also in encouraging SMEs to formalize, leading to more structured, competitive, and sustainable businesses.

In a significant achievement for the local economy, the KNCCI Busia chapter has registered about 1800 SMEs this month, a move that promises job creation, increased tax revenues, and a thriving entrepreneurial environment. This endeavor aligns with the chapter’s goal to foster synergy between national government and local businesses, ultimately supporting Busia County’s economic growth and development.

The day’s engagements continued with a meeting hosted by Deputy Governor H.E Hon Arthur Odera and county officials. The discussions here took on a different yet equally important dimension, focusing on eliminating trade barriers and boosting inter-county trade. The need for collaboration between the County Government and KNCCI in formalizing businesses for cross-border trade was a key point. Notably, the potential of mushroom farming as a lucrative opportunity for youth and women was emphasized, suggesting a market that could surpass that of sugar.

Furthermore, the meeting shed light on various investment prospects. These include initiatives to reduce truck traffic, the establishment of a new bus park, and the involvement of investors in constructing a Level 5 hospital. These projects are seen as crucial steps towards enhancing Busia County’s infrastructure and economic landscape.