This morning KNCCI members , amongst them KNCCI Laikipia Chairman Mr. Duncan Ndegwa Gitonga made a site visit to Bidco Africa’s production plant based in Thika to understand the production process of various products and to establish on how KNCCI members can benefit from the production and processes.

Bidco Africa is East Africa’s leading manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Started in 1985 as a soap manufacturing plant in Nairobi, Bidco has continuously grown over the years to be the home of some of East Africa’s most loved brands across the edible oils & fats, Hygiene and Personal care and most recently Food and Beverage brands.
Bidco’s contribution to East Africa’s economy
• Job creation; Bidco creates about 4500 direct jobs and 11,300 indirect jobs.
• Tax contribution ; Bidco contributes about 24.4 billion shillings for the past five years.
• To create meaningful and sustainable development Bidco has embraced contract farming of oilseeds across East Africa of 35,000 farmers
Areas of Collaboration between KNCCI and BIDCO

KNCCI and BIDCO will collaborate with various farmers to promote agricultural development and enhance the farming sector through ;
• Capacity Building
KNCCI and Bidco will organize training programs and workshops for farmers to enhance their agricultural skills and knowledge. Bidco will facilitate the farmers with the seedlings especially in Soya beans and Sunflower, upon maturity and growth they will purchase the products from the farmers to facilitate production. Farmers will also benefit from the animal feeds as a byproduct of post-production.
• Sustainability
KNCCI and Bidco will promote sustainable farming practices among farmers. This will include promoting organic farming methods, and encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly technologies. By prioritizing sustainability, the collaboration will contribute to supporting economic growth in Kenya’s farming sector.
• Bidco is ready to purchase the biomass from farmers to facilitate in its production process.
• Bidco currently has 400 stockists and will work in collaboration with KNCCI through the Centre of Entrepreneurship program to onboard 600 more .
KNCCI and Bidco Africa will have more consultative meetings to deliberate on more areas of partnership.