The Kenya – France Business half-day  Seminar, organized by Business France and BpiFrance, took place this morning at Norfolk hotel, the main aim of the event was to foster economic ties between Kenyan and French businesses.

KNCCI Economic Diplomacy Committee Chairperson, Mr. Ronald Meru highlighted the robust economic landscape and policy framework of Kenya, emphasizing its position as East Africa’s economic powerhouse and strategic access to global trade routes. He pointed out significant reforms aimed at improving the business environment, such as digitization of business registration and protection of foreign investments. Furthermore, Mr. Meru detailed sector-specific opportunities in agriculture, technology, manufacturing, and tourism, emphasizing Kenya’s potential for value addition, innovation, and investment in diverse industries.

He also highlighted the government’s incentives for foreign investors, including tax holidays and support services offered by KNCCI, aimed at facilitating business operations and partnerships. Concluding his remarks, Meru encouraged French businesses to leverage these opportunities, assuring them of KNCCI’s support in navigating the investment landscape, thereby affirming Kenya’s commitment to creating a profitable and sustainable business environment for foreign investments.

The seminar highlighted significant trade opportunities, Kenya’s strategic economic strengths, and the supportive environment for foreign investment. Notable guests included the Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce Mr. Othmane Chaoui and the French Ambassador to Kenya, H.E Arnaud Suquet highlighting the event’s importance in enhancing bilateral trade relations and exploring new business opportunities.